Acceptable Items

Tthe following items are accepted at Veolia’s Colorado Recycling Center, the information below provides guidance on what materials are accepted.

Automotive & Workshop Supplies:
Antifreeze, motor oil, oil filters, gasoline, refrigerants, starter fluids, batteries, fluids, carburetor and fuel injection cleaners, rust remover, degreasers, adhesives, paint, furniture and paint strippers, stains and finishes, oil or enamel based paint thinners, turpentine, lacquers, wood preservatives, photo chemicals, propane/gas cylinders, kerosene, oil & fuel.

Cleaning Products:
Oven, drain, and bathroom cleaners, laundry bleach & detergent & other laundry products, pool chemical, floor cleaner, rug cleaners, moth balls, silver cleaner, furniture polish.

Electronic Equipment, Batteries & Light Bulbs:
VCRs, stereos, telephones, copiers, fax machines, televisions, central processing units, printers, scanners, mouse & keyboards, circuit boards, monitors, car batteries, rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries, mercury thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs.

Indoor Pesticides & Lawn & Garden Products:
Insect sprays and baits, rodent posons, weed killer – herbicides, insecticides, fungicides/wood preservatives, 

Antibiotics, hormone regulators, pain killers, chemotherapy drugs, and over-the-counter remedies, prescription medications, over-the-counter pain and allergy medications.